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Sharlet Kennedy-Blalock

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Cheyney University of Pennsylvania

I have a very unique story. I met my husband on campus while we both attended Cheyney University. He finished and graduated in 2005 and I had our 1st son in June of 2007.

We later Married June 11,2011. We now have 3 beautiful kids. I wasn’t able to finish because I put myself on the back burner.

When COVID hit and the kids were forced to be homeschooled I stayed home with them. I retired to Cheyney and completed when I needed to and was Dec 2020. I walked May 2021 and my kids were able to witness it all.

Excerpts from the Blalock feature on

Sharlet Kennedy-Blalock determined that when the pandemic required her to stay at home, she would use her time to complete online the degree that she initially pursued at Cheyney University more than a decade ago. Now, 10 months later, she completed the remaining courses needed and is submitting the final paperwork to capture her work and life experience credits that will complete her degree and become a Cheyney graduate.

“I wanted to practice what I have been preaching to my kids by finishing school and getting a diploma,” said Kennedy-Blalock. “It was perfect timing to take advantage of the opportunity while having to stay at home and finish what I started.”

“Over time I put myself on the back burner,” said Blalock. “We are a busy family with three kids who are involved with football, dance and track. The pandemic kept our kids at home for remote learning and on an asynchronous & synchronous schedule. I was able to help them with their schoolwork while also completing my own course work.”

“I initially chose Cheyney because of the family-like environment,” said Blalock. “It has always felt close-knit, like a family. My best friends to this day are those I met many years ago on campus. Alumni stay active and connected and provide support for one another.”

“I also selected Cheyney because it was very important to me to be part of the country’s first HBCU.”

“It’s okay to be selfish when the goal is education,” said Blalock. “Keep your eye on the prize and there is always light at the end of the tunnel.”

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