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Greentop Gifts is a holiday brand known for their popular holiday products that feature African American designs. Founded in 2016, Greentop Gifts is a family and Black-owned business known for their cultural holiday decor, apparel, gifts and gifting supplies. The brand's signature character, an African American Santa affectionately known as Clarence Claus, has quickly cemented Greentop Gifts' place in African American and families of color households who look for representation during the holiday season, to provide diverse options with a full holiday collection of products.

Morehouse & Spelmen University

Greentop Gifts Bio Shaun and Jacquelyn Rodgers are Co-Founders of the hugely popular and successful holiday décor and apparel company Greentop Gifts. Known for their signature African American Santa character, Clarence Claus, Greentop Gifts provides families everywhere with diverse holiday and celebratory options. Gift wrapping paper, ornaments, gift bags, socks, hats, pajamas, and even coffee mugs feature the brand’s iconic characters and images centered around the joy of the holiday season. Since its launch in 2016, Greentop Gifts has received tremendous buzz with praise from stars such as Gayle King and Keri Hilson, and media coverage in Essence, O Magazine and NBC. Founded after Jacquelyn’s search for wrapping paper with a black Santa ended without results, she decided to create her own to wrap her young son's presents with wrapping paper that featured the iconic holiday character that reflected how the holidays look for their family. Now armed with a mission to bring diverse holiday imagery to families everywhere, Greentop Gifts has set their sights on creating products to help families celebrate year-round for birthdays, graduations, and baby showers. Jacquelyn has over 14 years’ experience in Consumer Packaged Goods from Nestle Mars & Wrigley and is a graduate from Clark Atlanta University. Shaun received his undergraduate degree from Morehouse College and MBA from Duke University. He is currently serving as VP of Sales at Memberclicks, a software solution for member-based organizations, and supports Jacquelyn with the day-to-day management of Greentop Gifts. Shaun and Jacquelyn are parents to their son Kenneth Elijah and daughter Cameron Ellis. The Rodgers family currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

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