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Sharon Kent & Ayanah Jenkins

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Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications.

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The Our Money Matters (OMM) hub

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The Our Money Matters (OMM) hub is supported through a financial grant by the Wells Fargo Foundation and is one of the programs developed by the HBCU Community Development Action Coalition (CDAC). The OMM hub addresses the widening racial wealth gap by offering personalized and innovative tools like a student loan snapshot, car loan calculator, investment analyzer, online courses, access to certified financial planners, and much more.

Delaware State

Sharon Kent is responsible for the successful oversight of the program to include the management of the Our Money Matters online platform, managing all public relations of the program, and cultivating relationships with significant partners/investors. Before Our Money Matters, Kent spent the last 17 years with Neighbor Works America and she was responsible for developing and delivering the community engagement, neighborhood and community revitalization, small business lending, and community and economic development tracks taught nationally. Before that role, Kent was the regional operations manager for the southern region of Neighborworks America, where she was responsible for managing grants and the operations management of the region. She is excited to help OMM expand its efforts and she's excited to equip students attending HBCU's/ MSI's and their surrounding communities about financial literacy. Ayanah Jenkins- Ayanah Jenkins has been promoted to the Lead Campus and Community Recruiter in March of 2022 and is enthusiastic about promoting and sharing the mission& vision of "our Money Matters" to students/faculty members and community members around the nation. Ayanah is originally from the Philadelphia area and is currently stationed in Atl, GA. She attended Delaware State University and received her Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications. Ayanah enjoys connecting with students and being an advocate for their future. She believes that Our Money Matters is an initiative that will not only change the trajectory of how college students and their families understand their finances but that this platform will impact the generations to come and allow those that come after to live in financial freedom.

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