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Angel Rich

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The Wealth Factory Inc.

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We at The Wealth Factory, Inc. develop adapting environments, frameworks and technologies that will help our users with their financial literacy education through online gaming, adaptive testing and other means. Our mission is to reduce poverty by providing equal access to quality, easy to understand financial literacy across the world.

Hampton University

Founder and CEO , The Wealth Factory Inc. Raised in Kingman Park, DC in a life insurance sales family, Rich grew up listening to financial pleas from every walk of life; igniting her passion for financial literacy. Rich graduated from Hampton University with six honors, including Honors College. She became a Global Market Research Analyst for Prudential, conducting over 70 financial behavioral studies to learn how to systematically modify financial behavior. In 2010, Prudential CEO requested Rich to conduct Obama’s Veterans Initiative Research and in 2011, Rich conceived the first African American Financial Experience Study. National Media recognized it as groundbreaking; identifying it as the first financial services study aimed at understanding the financial perspectives of Blacks and it now serves as a benchmark across the industry. In 2013, Rich successfully founded The Wealth Factory and by 2014 gained national partnership with the Charter Schools Development Corporation, became a member of the DC Chamber of Commerce, was featured in The Washington Post Capital Business, and won March of Dimes Rising Heroine of Washington. In 2015, Rich conducted The Financial Empowerment of Urban Youth, gained recommendation to the Dept. of Education, earned the support of The House and won Industrial Bank’s Small Business Competition.

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