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Branden Thompson

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Degree in Electrical Engineering

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Trade House

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TradeHouse is a company that's partnered with an educational platform to teach people how to properly invest in the foreign exchange market. We provide products and services to guide our students through a systematic approach of "earning while learning" the skill of trading in the FOREIGN EXCHANGE MARKET. One of the perks of Trade HOUSE is having a mentor to teach you and others how to use trading platforms within the organization. One of the trading apps first introduced is META TRADER “an electronic trading platform widely used by online retail foreign exchange speculative trader” (META Quotes Software Corp). Most phone apps are trading YOUR TIME FOR ENTERTAINMENT. In layman’s terms this means the same companies you subscribe to or visit on your phone are leveraging your “hits” and hours of engagement for revenue (Advertisements, Sponsors, investors). Most phone users don’t know about financial markets nor the trading apps that exist. As a result trading in financial markets is often looked at as an “Ivy League” skill. Unfortunately, the same group of people unaware of trading apps are usually those that are not making money straight from their phones. Data shows that only 1-3% of the world is aware of this “Ivy League” skill. The “Ivy League” skill Branden Thompson has successfully mastered is called FOREX, an acronym for the Foreign Exchange Market; the largest Financial market in the world. Within only two years of its inception, Trade HOUSE (a wealth management organization) has grown to 5,000 active members. And despite the overwhelming growth, various leaders of Trade HOUSE take turns explaining META TRADER amongst many other apps during the on boarding process of joining their wealth management group . In fact, the cofounders and Branden are actively engaging daily to help mentor and coach new members who join their wealth management group regardless of one’s location or age

Prairie View A & M University

As a millennial and the co-founder of the Tradehouse Investment Group, I’m proud to have accomplished more achievements in thirty years than many others do in their entire lifetimes. Unlike many, I’m willing to do what most people won’t, to live how most people can’t in the pursuit of getting to where I want to be. Visionary Entrepreneur From a young age, I had a strong desire to forge a path to pursue the extraordinary. I knew the world had a lot more to offer than putting all my work and effort into building someone else’s dream and not my own. Using this drive and ambition, I co-founded Tradehouse Investment Group with other like-minded members. Our collective goal was to help as many people as possible to create a blueprint for financial freedom and prosperity. One of our overreaching goals was to build a culture of contagious momentum unlike any Investment Group on the planet. Millionaire Maker Building on the foundation of Tradehouse Investment Group, we championed a relationship with IM Mastery Academy. This respected educational platform teaches investment and trading strategies for digital currency and FOREX futures. Additionally, Tradehouse Investment Group provides mentorship and support for business owners who want to take their company to the next level as six-figure income earners. When I’m not busy making millionaires, I’m passionate about using the power of music to teach my blueprint of financial literacy. My latest single, “Money is Different,” produced by Gladiatorz, is now streaming on all music outlets under my stage name. Sir Trilli. Always in motion, please keep an eye on this space for my next move!

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