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--Geno Brooks is a Director, Writer, and Producer. He's recently served as a writer and director on Bounce TV's hit series, Johnson. He has directed episodes on both seasons. Season 2 of "Johnson" is airing now. Talk to Geno about his work on the series-directing, writing, and how he first got involved with the project. Johnson Season 1 and Season 2 (he directed 8 episodes in total, and wrote the season 1 finale)

--Geno just released a new short film he wrote and directed, "Dark Matter," a social justice drama. It is now streaming on ALLBLK. Talk about his new short film and what the story is about, and what inspired him to write and direct this. "Dark Matter" is 1 of 8 films on ALLBLK. (Description: Recently martyred souls in the midst of full transition gather to find purpose while discussing the tragic events that led to their untimely demise and the certainty of their growing conclave.) Trailer: (You can view the Short Film, Dark Matter, at this link below)

--Bear The Torch Mentorship Program and distribution partnership with ALLBLK | 8 BIPOC Filmmakers (More Info: Geno Brooks is a filmmaker hailing from Chicago, IL, most known for his New Media projects including award-winning digital series THE THERAPIST, the Greek life digital series BLACK BOOTS and love story JONES. Brooks was an integral part of a creative collective which amassed an audience of over 80,000, and now he has successfully built the digital streaming network and SVOD service, Artistic Standard TV that showcases not only more of his original content, but supports rising, bold voices and talent, giving them a space to hone their craft. Geno has created the exciting new "BEAR THE TORCH" Mentorship + Apprenticeship Emerging BIPOC Filmmakers Program.)

--Talk to Geno about the BEAR THE TORCH program and his Goals for the program, in helping emerging BIPOC filmmakers. What inspired him to create it, what are the goals, how can people be a part of it or apply for the program?

--New Projects: Development deal with Cedric The Entertainer for Geno's pilot CREW'D.

--He is Founder/CEO of The Artistic Standard, doing production and creating content. Talk to Geno about his company, and his vision as a filmmaker, the narratives he wants to create, highlighting BIPOC stories. What are the important stories he wants to continue to tell and pursue, what does he look for when he takes on and develops a project? (The Artistic Standard is a boutique media studio focused on developing, producing, producing, and distributing disruptive, socially and culturally impactful television, film, and digital content.) MORE INFO (His background includes a Masters in Playwriting and Screenwriting from UCLA, and his industry background includes working for Ali LeRoi, Debra Martin Chase, Virgil Williams, the Lee Daniels FOX series "Star," "Criminal Minds," etc.) (Geno Brooks grew up in Chicago. A Southside native, he is an HBCU grad of Wilberforce University in Ohio, where he joined Alpha Phi Alpha, and graduated with a degree in Rehabilitation Mental Health. He then got a Masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from University of Kentucky. Talk about his studies and then transitioning to pursue filmmaking in LA, studying at UCLA. Talk about his journey and how he got his start in the industry. For anyone looking to break into the filmmaking industry, what has been important in getting started/getting in the door?) Q&A with Geno in this article provides more background about his interests with his filmmaking

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