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Justin Lee, a familiar face in the area, has gained recognition from both peers and the Real Estate industry for his outstanding performance as a top agent. As a Realtor, he has built an impeccable reputation for delivering exceptional results and customer service, earning millions since he entered the real estate market. Justin excels in understanding client needs, consistently surpassing expectations. He remains engaged with clients throughout the home buying or selling process and maintains communication even after the deal is closed. With extensive experience, he demonstrates a natural talent for real estate negotiations, adeptly representing both sellers and buyers. Justin's comprehensive knowledge of the Atlanta market is unparalleled, and his educational background includes graduating from Morehouse College in '18 and obtaining an MBA from LSU in Family Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in 2019. Outside of work, Justin is passionate about travel, learning about different cultures, and staying active. He's deeply involved in his community, volunteering in local schools and mentoring children. Justin's aspiration extends to developing and building his own apartment complexes and neighborhoods, driven by his market insights. Currently residing in East Atlanta, he is ready and enthusiastic to help you with your next move.

Morehouse College

One of the area's most familiar faces, Justin Lee, has been recognized by his peers and the Real Estate industry as one of the top-performing agents in the local area. As a Realtor, he has earned an impeccable reputation for outstanding results and customer service as well as a Million Dollar Club membership since he began selling real estate. Justin is an excellent listener of his client's needs and enjoys exceeding his client's expectations. He follows through with his clients throughout the home buying or selling process, and always stays in touch after the closing. After years of experience being a Realtor, he is a natural at real estate negotiations whether he is representing the seller or the buyer. Justin is a true professional and her knowledge of each individual market inside the Atlanta market is second to none. Justin is a graduate of Morehouse College '18 where he pledged Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. He furthered his education at LSU where he received an MBA in Family Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in 2019. Just has a true passion for travel and learning about other cultures Outside of work, Justin enjoys spending time with family and friends, exercising, studying the stock market, volunteering in the community, and traveling. Justin currently resides in East Atlanta. Justin is an active member of his community and enjoys volunteering at local schools and mentoring children. He has a passion for real estate and has a goal to develop and build his own apartment complexes and neighborhoods. Justin has extensive knowledge of the market and opportunities that exist. He is eagerly awaiting your call to assist with your next move!

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