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Kenny E. Lloyd

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Tennessee State University

“Tennessee State University Grad Owns One of the Leading Health & Wellness Company”

Kenneth Earl Lloyd is known to everyone as “Kenny” has spent more than 15 years building multi-million-dollar empires as an executive and distributor for several major global network marketing companies. As a powerhouse in Ardyss International and Total Life Changes to name a few, he had achieved tremendous financial success personally as an almost seven-figure monthly residual earner. Going from broke as hell to living well, Kenny knew a thing or two to help thousands do the same. He has been more than generous enough with his time to duplicate that success by closely working with and helping at least 14 families to become multi-million-dollar earners in direct sales.

With all that he has accomplished helping others, at the time he turned 60, he could have retired very comfortably but his spirit was very restless. He knew he had not yet fulfilled his purpose in life to lead and impact even more people around the world to achieve financial freedom. There was still work to be done. When asked about his mantra, “Hard work is more than just words, it’s a lifestyle,” says Kenny. In fact, it’s a Tava Lifestyle. Launching his own network marketing company headquartered in Houston, Texas, Kenny is the CEO/President and Visionary of Tava Lifestyle, a direct sales wellness company. The direct selling business is a $250+ Billion Dollar industry. There are over 10,000 direct sales companies globally with over $40+ Billion paid out in yearly commissions around the world. In just 6 months after starting, Tava debuted on at number 33 out of the top 500 fastest growing of these international direct sales businesses. Kenny along with his co-founder wife, Chante, designed and built Tava to be a vessel that people can leverage during their personal storms, particularly the financial storms in their lives. Moving at a steady pace, Kenny extended his company into Canada in November 2019 and it now has almost 20K independent distributorships company-wide.

Raised in Detroit, MI, Kenny attended Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN where he studied Psychology. For him, success and significance are a part of his DNA. His father, Earl Lloyd was the first African-American to play in the NBA and is in the NBA Hall of Fame. This historical legacy continues to live through Kenny and his children, Sierra, Alexander, and Myles Lloyd who are each making major contributions in business, arts & entertainment. Kenny has certainly made some smart moves in his life. Without a doubt, he would be the first to admit that one of his smartest moves was to marry his beautiful and very business savvy wife, Chante, who continues to build and serve by his side. Together, they make a dynamic leadership duo who exudes black excellence.

Kenny not only knows how to make money but he has a big heart to give it away too. He is the Founder of the Lloyd Family Foundation which provides monetary donations and resources, Christmas gifts, and Thanksgiving meals to families in need. He is most passionate about its program See It Through which provides high school students college scholarships and it assists them with job placement. He has also served on the Houston Leadership Council of the UNCF. For his tireless commitment to bettering the quality of life of others, Kenny has received many honors and accolades in business and many communities and national recognition for his philanthropic engagement.

Highly influenced by his late mother Dr. Virginia Lloyd, he inherited her love of entertaining family and friends, interior design, and fashion. His philosophy is simple. “Every day is a dress rehearsal for your breakthrough. You must bring your A-Game all the time. Develop and present yourself as the total package, because you can’t sell a dream looking like a nightmare.”

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