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When I was in high school applying for college I remember one of my favorite teachers (who shall remain nameless) actually yelled at me. She was upset that I was applying to Historical Black Colleges. She actually yelled “Nicolle we don’t live in a black world” I was so disappointed that she actually yelled that at me. I looked at her like she was crazy, shook it off and kept filling out my applications. I wasn’t doing this for her anyway. I was doing this for myself and my grandmother Clara Bowens. I was the first of her descendants to go to college and I promised her that she would see me walk across that stage and get my degree (promise kept). So I kept filling out those applications.

My father Daniel Harris had assured me that he would support me and that he had been saving up for my college education since I was a baby because he had to work full time while earning both his Bachelors & Masters degree. He told me he did that so I wouldn’t have to (promise kept) and to just go ahead and fill out my applications.

I also remembered my elementary school principal Mr. Howard West telling me all about HBCUs when I was a child. I literally remember him talking about them at Bangs Avenue Elementary School. He attended one and he was one of the smartest and most compassionate men I ever met so if HBCUs had his seal of approval I didn’t care what this teacher was yelling about.

As we witness the work and success of Stacey Abrams, Keisha Bottoms and Kamala Harris, I am beaming with pride! HBCU PRIDE! As I presently fill out applications for doctoral programs, striving to earn one more degree. I know that attending My HBCU Delaware State University was one of the best decisions in my life. I guess that teacher thought that a black college could not provide an adequate education for me. SHE WAS WRONG!

Grandma we got one more degree to go!
#MyHBCU #DSU #ClaraBowensLegacy #HarrisLegacy #WithGodAllThingsArePossible #PromiseKeeper

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