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Slutty Vegan a nationally acclaimed, Atlanta-based burger joint offering creative takes on plant-based burgers. Bar Vegan - We’re not your typical Atlanta restaurant. Experience vegan reimagined at Bar Vegan. Every dish at Bar Vegan delivers a 100% fully vegan cuisine while keeping the authentic flavors of each recipe.

Clark Atlanta University

Aisha "Pinky" Cole, an accomplished American restaurateur, has carved a distinctive path in the culinary world. As the visionary behind Slutty Vegan, a thriving plant-based burger restaurant chain located in Atlanta, Georgia, Cole's journey is one marked by determination and innovation.
Hailing from Baltimore, Cole's roots trace back to Jamaican immigrants who follow the Rastafarian lifestyle. Her mother, Ichelle Cole, a member of the reggae group Strykers' Posse, practices the traditional Rastafarian vegetarian diet, imparting a unique perspective on food. A graduate of Clark Atlanta University, Cole earned her bachelor's degree and was crowned "Miss Clark Atlanta" in 2008, solidifying her ties to the university and joining the ranks of Delta Sigma Theta sorority.
While her initial pursuits led her to Los Angeles with aspirations of acting, and later to New York for television production, Cole's culinary journey began to unfold in unexpected ways. Her personal shift to vegetarianism in 2007 and later veganism in 2014 ignited her passion for plant-based cuisine.
In a bold move, Cole introduced Slutty Vegan to the world in July 2018 through her now famous food truck, rapidly captivating a dedicated following. In September of the same year, she launched the Slutty Vegan food truck, cementing her place in the culinary landscape. January 2019 saw the inauguration of the first brick-and-mortar Slutty Vegan restaurant in Atlanta's Westview neighborhood.
Cole's inventive approach resonates throughout the brand, evident in the playful and provocative names assigned to each menu item. From the "One Night Stand" to the "Fussy Hussy," "Sloppy Toppy," and "Chick'N Head," her creativity knows no bounds.
Today, Slutty Vegan boasts an impressive presence with 11 locations spanning Georgia, New York City, Birmingham, Ala., and Dallas, reflecting Cole's unwavering dedication and entrepreneurial spirit. Her journey, shaped by personal experiences and a commitment to culinary excellence, continues to inspire and delight a diverse audience.

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