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Claflin University launches Historic Academic Partnership with London Metro University

Claflin University, located in Orangeburg, SC and London Metropolitan University of the United Kingdom have signed an agreement that will launch a historic academic partnership.

The signing ceremony took place with President Dr. Dwan J. Warmack representing Claflin University, and Vice-Chancellor Lynn Dobbs representing London Metro University. The signatures placed beneath pages of paperwork established a new M.O.U between the two schools.

The newly established M.O.U represents a substantial faith in the partnership as a significant financial commitment has been pledged by London Met; they have agreed to provide scholarships and housing for the students from Claflin University through this program.

This partnership between Claflin University and London Metropolitan will provide both institutions' students with new opportunities for customized study abroad programs, summer internship programs, and service-learning placement scholarships.

The Claflin-London Metro partnership is an important bridge between an HBCU and a British University. This bridge is part of Claflin's commitment to providing its students with opportunities to broaden their horizons and prepare them for leadership in a global society.


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