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Famous HBCU Alumni break down the HBCU experience

Eva Marcille, who attended Clark Atlanta University, talks to Slim Thug, David Banner, and Dorion Renaud—all of whom also went to HBCUs—about what makes these schools so special. The panelists all agree that while HBCUs continue to be excellent places for academic study, the experience is about more than just becoming an expert in your field. At the event, attendees will not only learn about African American culture inside and outside of the classroom from homecomings to pledging to dormitory life and devoted faculty, but they will also experience it. Renaud believes that the faculty and staff at HBCUs set an example of teamwork to students, which is centered around accountability. On this episode, Houston’s Chef Elmo prepares crab cakes, blackened catfish, and funnel cakes for dessert.

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