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Howard University Receives $4.5 Million to Establish New Research Center

Together with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Howard University will soon have a center of excellence for housing, urban and economic development research.

Original article Written by Aaliyah Butler

The center’s goal is to achieve an equitable and inclusionary society where currently underserved populations come to be properly served and inequities in housing, health, education, economic well-being, and community development are overcome through research and policy implementation. This three-year grant supports two graduate students and a post-doctoral fellow each year.

“This HUD grant awarded to our colleagues exemplifies the Howard motto of excellence in truth and service,” said Rubin Patterson, Ph.D., dean of Howard University College of Arts and Sciences. “This award will enable our colleagues to extend our social science, community health and social work knowledge concerning the beneficial impacts that accrue to residents of vulnerable communities upon receiving a synergy of services to support children and families. As a metropolitan-based university, Howard has an excellent local laboratory to test and demonstrate policies that improve people’s lives.”

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