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Talladega has entered the chat; Welcome to the Newest Migrators of the Metaverse.

Tlladege has joined Clark Atlanta University in leveraging the metaverse and spatial reality as an education tool

"EON Reality (EON-XR), the international leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality-based knowledge and skills transfer for industry and education, recently partnered with Talladega College to introduce students and faculty to the knowledge metaverse. The total in-kind grant program value is $4,462,913.00

This collaboration will enable professors to offer hands-on training to their students without being present in the classroom. In addition, EON-XR can supplement traditional training and education methods by introducing user-friendly, immersive lessons and content. This platform also enables educators, trainers, employers, and other users to create augmented reality and virtual reality lessons without coding or advanced technological knowledge.

Dr. Lisa Long, acting president of Talladega College, said that this partnership would provide students with the necessary skills to become more adept in the vastly growing world of technology.

“Our mission is to equip our graduates for the global community through academic excellence, moral values, community service, and professional development; EON-XR has assisted us in holding true to that promise,” she added.

EON-XR’s goal is to ensure that individuals become leading industry-specific contributors to the global project, creating and disseminating lessons and experiences in many academic disciplines for other HBCUs and institutions of higher learning worldwide.

According to Dan Lejerska, founder of EON-XR, partnering with Talladega College will demonstrate the company’s impact on liberal arts institutions and serve as an example to other HBCUs looking to join the metaverse."

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