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This HBCU Is Changing Its Admission Policy To Allow Students To Bring Family Members

It's A Family Affair!

Paul Quinn College President Michael Sorrell meets with students in a college classroom. Sorrell applied a new admissions policy for admitted students to select two family members or friends to attend college with them.

Paul Quinn College is shaking up the educational system by permitting students to pick two family members or friends to enroll alongside them and allow them to work towards a certificate or a degree, the Texas Tribune reports.

African Methodist Episcopal Church preachers established the college in Waco in 1872 to educate formerly enslaved people and their children. In 1990, the college later moved to Dallas.

The college will implement its new admission policy this fall. However, a few conditions apply; for incoming students to take advantage of this new beneficial direction, an accepted student must have a 3.0 grade-point average and qualify for federal financial aid.

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