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Xavier University of Louisiana Library accepted into the Oberlin Group of Libraries

By Xavier University

As of this month, the Xavier University of Louisiana Library is an official member of the Oberlin Group of Libraries. The primary purpose of the Oberlin Group is to provide a forum for member directors and staff to discuss and seek solutions for common issues, share accomplishments of the member libraries, information on best practices for library operations and services, and help members anticipate and adapt to challenges. It also aims to expand cooperative interlibrary loan agreements, consortia contracts with vendors, and support for open access initiatives.

Library Director Nancy Hampton explained that the Oberlin Group hopes to organize open access resources into one collaborative platform that member libraries can utilize for research and historical archives from other locations.

“[For example,] someone [at another member university] who is researching what life was like in New Orleans for people of color in the 1930s can use our archives to find pictures that suit their needs,” Hampton said. “Xavier’s Archives and Special Collections are particularly valuable because of our records of the Black Catholic experience.”

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