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Adobe builds on HBCU and HSI investments with Focus on Student Athletes

Adobe is launching new internship programs at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic Serving Institutes (HSIs) focused on student athletes. Why student athletes? Student athletes are committed to their sport, so they frequently have to forgo summer internships in order to train. This choice may have significant consequences on their potential career once they graduate, as the lacking internship experience can be seen as negative to many employers.

The Student Athlete Micro Internship (SAMI) internship program, which is geared toward underrepresented student athletes at HBCUs and HSIs, offers career development opportunities.Adobe's previous collaboration with HBCUs and HSIs, in which it donated $1M each to Bowie State University, Winston-Salem State University, and San Jose University, helped to provide students with training, career readiness, financial aid, and digital tools to help them succeed in their professional lives.

Adobe's work on HBCUs and HSIs was motivated by a comprehensive response to the issue of higher education access for African Americans. nLike many businesses across the country, Adobe's effort to assist HBCUs and HSIs grew out of an extensive reaction to the problem of educational accessibility for black people as well as the murder of George Floyd.

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