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FAMU Pro Day draws out nearly every NFL team

FAMU held its pro day on Monday and nearly every NFL franchise sent scouts. Some of them sent more than one.

If you didn’t look around, you might not have noticed that Bragg Memorial Stadium, home of FAMU football, is under phase two of its renovation. That’s because the buzz brought about for Pro Day drowned out the drills, saws and welding equipment. An empty West side of the stadium created shadows on the field as the construction company prepares the brand new bleachers for the 2022 season.

FAMU head coach Willie Simmons faced criticism just a few years ago when its pro day attempt didn’t go as planned. This year, he rebounded with possibly the largest contingent of professional scouts in FAMU’s history. Not since NCAA record-breaker Leroy Vann participated in Pro Day in 2010 has FAMU’s Pro Day exhibition seen a virtual swarm of scouts in Tallahassee to evaluate athletes for potential NFL Draft positions and free agent offers.

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