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HBCU HISTORY First HBCU Girls Gymnastic team in at Fisk University!

The first-ever women’s gymnastics team at an HBCU is finally here!

Fisk University has launched their own program, led by Coach Corrinne Tarver. This exciting news came after years of struggle for black female Gymnasts who otherwise wouldn't have the option of pursuing gymnastics past the high school level. Now lifelong enthusiasts such as incoming freshman Zyia Coleman can participate in both worlds: competing on the best teams while earning degrees. We're excited to see them compete at the college level!

After their video went viral on Tik Tok, the team began to amass a large amount of coverage from major media sites. Gymnastics usually decreases in popularity when during the non-olympic timeline but HBCUcollege day, will be following the story of these girls as they show the power of Fisk University at their upcoming competitions.

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