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Howard basketball makes Notre Dame game more than symbolism

Howard University’s bid to knock off Notre Dame at home fell short. But, for once, the future looks bright for HU hoops.

Original Article BySteven J. Gaither Posted on January 17, 2022

The Howard basketball matchup against Notre Dame had the possibility of just being a symbolic contest between two esteemed universities. And in many years, it would have been. But not this game. Not this year.

Howard gave Notre Dame all it could handle in a game that was nearly two years in the making. The HBCU home team would ultimately fall short to the Power Five visitors by a score of 71-68, but the 11-point underdogs gave them all they could handle.

“We escaped and give Howard credit — I thought they played great,” Notre Dame head coach Mike Brey said after the game. “When we scheduled this two years ago, I remember thinking great message. And then I was thinking — we may not get out of here with a win.”

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