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Jackson State University to be featured on ESPN's Game Day coverage

Deion Sanders Is going to have prime time coverage this Saturday as ESPN's College Gameday heads to Jackson Mississippi for the first time in program history!

It’s another highlight in a long list of victories for Sanders with the Tigers – where winning, especially at home, has felt like a guarantee during his three seasons.

“You’ve got to understand it’s a level of excitement but then there’s a level of expectation,” Sanders said. “I expect stuff like this. I really do. Why not us? Everybody always wears the shirt (with) 'Why not us.' But they don’t really believe what’s on the shirt half the time.

“I really think like that. Why hadn’t you come yet?”

Regardless of Sanders’ expectations for greatness, he still does understand the importance of Saturday’s appearance on “College GameDay” less than two weeks after his appearance on “60 Minutes” and a visit from “Good Morning America” ahead of homecoming.

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