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NCAT State University Largest HBCU Nine years running

North Carolina A&T State University has been the nation’s largest historically Black university (HBCU) for nine consecutive years, and this year is expected to be no different. With a projected enrollment of 13,500 students, the university remains well ahead of its nearest competitor, Florida A&M University, which is expected to have an enrollment of just under 10,000 students.

This distinction is important not only because it makes A&T the largest HBCU in the country, but also because it underscores the university’s dedication to providing a high-quality education to black students. Furthermore, A&T’s size affords it a wealth of resources and opportunities that smaller HBCUs may not have, making it an attractive choice for students seeking a top-notch education.

With an entering freshman class of 3000 student, A&T now enrolls more Black first-year students each year than U.S. News and World Report’stop 10 national universities COMBINED!

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